Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Love your lips!

Lips get sensitive in the winter weather, so make sure you wrap them up in one of our lovely butter rich blends!

Each ingredient in our lip balms is dedicated to loving your lips; keeping them super soft ... so keeping you smiling! Each pot comes ready with a nature-inspired soothing formula, so you can kiss goodbye to chapped,cracked & dry lips!

Our lip balms & butters:

Honey & Chamomile Lip Balm
Honey & chamomile are kind & caring by nature & make this lip balm great if you have super-sensitive lips that need extra TLC. Chamomile is an anti-inflammatory & helps to soothe & soften, while honey is added to heal & protect. With rich butters of organic cocoa butter & olive oil, try & see for yourself, this little pot of goodness is our winter favourite!

Ruby Fruits Lip Butter
Minimise the impact of winter weather & keep your lips fruity soft with this luscious all natural lip butter. Organic cocoa butter & special red palm oil with organic orange & red manadrin, means this soothing lip butter is packed with plant power to keep your lips soft, smooth & protected.

For an unscented, indulgent natural lip butter, why not try our Mango Tree Butter.
Now also available in smaller-size tin, so great for slipping in your bag & for natural lip care.


  1. yeeey! you updated your blog!
    one question: i've tried your honey and chamomille lip balm and it's great, but for those winter days i need something extra. which one would you recommend?

  2. Thanks Silvana, for something a bit richer for your lips - our Mango Tree Butter is a good one, its not as soft so will form a protective layer on your lips. Sweet Almond Tree Butter & Shea Butter are also good lip salves, to combat deep-rooted dry skin, hope that helps :)