Monday, 22 February 2010

Fairtrade Fortnight: what will you swop? :)

Its Fairtrade Fortnight & this year, its *The BIG Swap* swapping your usual stuff for Fairtrade, whether its coffee, tea, clothing, sugar, chocolate, oranges ... roses, bananas or skincare!
Find out more on the Fairtrade Foundation's website

We think that swaps are a great positive step ... it means that you don't get left out & you get to swap with something that is better for you, other people & the planet! And ... simple swops add up to big sweeps!

The same goes for swopping your skincare to natural & more ethical alternatives.

At Akamuti, we swop chemical preservatives, artificial fragrances, petroleum & synthetic foaming agents for ingredients that are 100% natural - with an emphasis on organic & fair trade.

It means that your skin is allowed to flourish naturally & remain balanced in its own natural beauty - all without bombardment by chemical substances.

At the same time, ethical & fair trading helps empower communities worldwide, preserving traditional ways of life, encouraging sustainability & protecting natural habitats & wildlife!

Have a fun & fairtrade fortnight :)