Sunday, 19 July 2009

Summer Skincare 2009

Dusting the cobwebs off our blog to bring you our latest tips for summer!
Summer can sometimes bring with it a few skin problems such as sunburn, dryness or sensitivity but you can help keep summer skin upsets to a minimum by following these skincare tips!

Make sure you cleanse everyday to remove pollutants & grime; these can get trapped in your skin & cause breakouts. A good summertime cleanse is with our Sweet Orange Cleansing Cream, as this contains fruity orange oil to lift away dead skin cells, myrrh for purifying & comes as a cream to help balance moisture levels to keep your skin soft & glowing throughout the day.

You may like to step-up & add an indulgent moisturiser to your skincare routine to give your skin some extra nutrients that might otherwise get lost when exposed to the elements.
Our favourite is Unrefined Shea Butter, you can use it on dry skin & all over as a rich replenishing body butter to help improve skin texture - great for sorting out those dry heels that might have been neglected whilst in winter hibernation! See a selection of our shea butter products here
Another favourite is our Cocoa & Almond Body Butter, with organic cocoa butter traditionally used by African women to keep skin smooth & supple. Smells wonderfully of chocolate :-)
Use Raspberry Oil as a light facial moisturiser to replenish anti-oxidants & protect your skin from damaging rays.

Sun can dry the hair out, so to keep it feeling soft & silky - condition with Organic Coconut Oil, this will help condition your scalp & restore your hair with its rich source of minerals to soften the hair shaft from root to tip.

Travelling around when its hot can be a bit uncomfortable, so why not arm yourself with one of our Summer Spritzers to keep you cool on the move. With cooling mint & rose waters, this is great for soothing redness & heat or just simply mist over your face for a refreshing tonic. Also comes in a mini version which is great for kids or slipping in your bag.

You can't go through summer without a good lip butter to rely on. Why not try our popular Organic Honey & Chamomile Lip Balm to keep your lips soothed & protected. This potent pot of magic is enriched with Organic Cocoa Butter & also doubles up as a good rescue salve on any dry, chapped skin or insect bites!

Sometimes, skin may need an emergency rescue - so we decided to pick out 3 of our favourites that will give your skin some solace when things heat up!

SHEA BUTTER SOOTHING SALVE - a great product, does exactly what it says on the pot!
With evening primrose oil & chamomile for sunburn, dry skin & itchy rashes.

ORGANIC BABY FLOWER WASH - not just for baby & just what your skin needs is a little TLC to calm, cool & refresh. A kind & caring combination of rose & chamomile to gently bring your skin back to balance.

LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL - everybody should have a bottle! This is a great first-aider, wonderful for treating everything from burns, headaches, spots & bites ... drop some in the bath for soothing your skin & mind.

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  1. The sweet orange cream cleanser is my all time favourite Akamuti product. I've been using it for around a year now and it has made a massive difference to my mature skin. As well as it's cleansing abilities it keeps my skin hydrated, smooth and soft and the complexion dewey. I couldn't be without it and I really notice the difference if I run out! I always finish off with a few drops of pommegranate seed oil but will try out the raspberry with my next order.