Thursday, 5 November 2009

In the spotlight: Shea Mandarin Body Butter

Our indulgent Shea Mandarin Body Butter is perfect for adding to your skincare regime if your skin is on the drier side, or if you simply want a bit of extra protection over the colder weeks.

7 ingredients, 7 steps to loved skin!

1) Shea Butter
The core ingredient for this body moisturiser is fairly traded shea butter.
Our shea butter is unrefined & wildcrafted, so brimming with nutrients. It hasn't been refined or deodorised so still retains all its amazing skin caring agents! Packed with vitamins A & E, shea butter has remarkable moisturisng qualities, whilst also feeding the skin, brilliant for eczema, itching & skin blemishes!

2) Apricot Kernel Oil
The cold-pressed oil in this butter is a lovely skin conditioner, to nourish, soften & smooth away any inflammation. Perfectly suited to dehydrated, delicate, mature and sensitive skin

3) Baobab Oil
Our community traded baobab oil is a skincare secret, omega-rich & a high percentage of Vitamins A, D, & E, helping to regenerate & improve skin elasticity.

4) Olive Oil
The finest organic extra virgin olive oil is used in our recipes. olive oil has been used in skincare for thousands of years. Rich in minerals, proteins & vitamins, especially in Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant - it helps to reduce wrinkles & replenish moisture & nutrients lost through exposure to the sun & weather.

5) Sweet Orange
A good skin tonic, organic sweet orange oil assists the lymphatic system, helping to detoxify congested skin, dealing with dermatitis, soothing a dry irritated skin & supporting collagen formation, plus it smells gorgeous!

6) Red Mandarin
A fruity skin tonic, red mandarin oil also helps to improve your skin tone & circulation, making it a useful choice for cellulite. Soothing on sensitive skin.

7) Myrrh (last but not least!)
For the final stamp of approval, a dash of healing myrrh oil is added to our body butter.
A natural preservative & powerful cleanser, myrrh helps to clear the skin of imperfections. A fantastic rejuvenator on dry skin, this is an amazing & magical oil.

With winter approaching, its time to step up on some skin-caring TLC ... what better way than adding a rich active moisturiser like this, to help keep your skin smooth & supple!

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  1. the shea butter did its job! i've been having morning classes these last weeks and since it was so cold at the time i left home, the skin on my hands began to peel. but it only took a couple of days using your shea butter and ta-da! nice renewed soft skin.

    PS: it really works well on my lips as you said