Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Natural Tips To Revitalise Your Eyes!

In this blog, we find out how to get rid of puffy eyes in a flash, treat your eyes to a beautifying eye massage & rehydrate your skin with rose, raspberrys & rosehips in our nature-inspired eye care products!

Our eyes are one of the first places that show if we are feeling tired or feeling run down. Chronic dark circles & puffy eyes can indicate nutritional imabalances, so its worth looking at your over-all health & diet to see where you can improve.

A diet dominated by salty foods or if you have allergies/chronic sinusitis are common causes of eye puffiness.

Chemicals found in makeup, perfumes, and detergents can all irritate eyes; they also rebel with redness at over-exposure to computer screens!

Natural Tips to help de-puff your eyes!

1) Make sure you are drinking enough water! When a person is dehydrated, the body starts storing water, so this will add to puffiness around the eyes.

2) Anything cold is great to relieve puffiness, as it helps to reduce swelling. On eyes, this method works just as well. Splash your eyes in cold water every morning, the cold will constrict blood vessels and reduce swelling.

3) You can also store our Organic Eye Toner in the fridge for a speedy eye revitaliser for that morning-after-the-night-before!

4) A speedy fix for puffy-eye days is to wrap an ice cube in a flannel & sweep outwards under the eye to quickly reduce swelling.

5) Chamomile has a great effect on tired or puffy eyes. You can soak two cotton wool pads in cold chamomile tea & place over your eyes for 15 minutes to take away puffiness.
Tap with your fingertips along the socket bone to help with the de-puffing!

6) Suprisingly raw potato is a great eye de-bagger. All you need to do is spritz your eyes with rosewater or water & slice very thin raw potato to mould around your eyes. Leave in place for 10-15 minutes! Raw cucumber slices work in the same way.

Akamuti Eye Care

Our 100% natural eyecare products have been specially developed combining the purest ingredients, inspired by nature to soothe, tone & rehydrate the delicate skin around your eyes.

Organic Eye Toner
Our soothing eye tonic is ideal for tired, puffy 'morning' eyes & for relieving redness. Blending rose, chamomile & orange blossom. Soothing & calming to the delicate tissue around the eyes, with mild astringent properties to combat puffiness. Free from preservatives & alcohol.

Rose Berry Eye Revitaliser
Developed to smooth & soothe the delicate skin around the eyes this revitalising blend will combat puffy skin around the eyes & smooth fine lines. Rosehip & evening primrose provide rich sources of vitamins & essential fatty acids to nourish & smooth away lines, while raspberry seed provides superb amounts of antioxidants, rehydrating overworked tissue & encouraging regeneration.

Beautifying Eye Massage

An eye massage relaxes tense muscles & eases away small lines, it also helps the eyes to shift puffy bags & give your under-eyes a toning work out, by boosting collagen & elastin production!

Step 1: With your two middle fingers, circle your eyes. Stroke firmly over your eyebrows & glide gently back under the eyes. Do this about 5 times.

Step 2: Starting at the bridge of your nose - squeeze the eyebrows, between your thumb & first two fingers. Hold, slowly release & move like this along the whole eyebrow.

Step 3: Apply pressure with the middle fingers, of both hands on the temples & all over the forehead. Then, use your third finger to apply gentle pressure along the socket bone - beneath the eyes, in the direction of your nose.

Step 4: Combat frown lines by rubbing your fingers in a scissor motion 'cutting' across the middle of your forehead - above the eyebrows & out to each side of the forehead.

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