Thursday, 25 March 2010

Natural Tips For Beautiful Nails!

Take a look at your nails ... healthy nails are meant to be pink, strong & blemish free; any changes such as peeling, cracking, splitting etc are a sign that things are out of balance.

Nails are effected by diet aswell as by environmental pollutants such as harsh chemical cleaners & not-so-natural nail products - these can leave your nails weak, stained & brittle.

The structure of our nails is made up largely from a protein called keratin aswell as sulphur, potassium, selenium, calcium & other trace elements. Strong healthy nails rely on an adequate supply of these key minerals both internally & externally.

Try using our Pure Avocado Oil (rich in proteins & essential fatty acids) as a daily treatment oil to protect & revitalise your nails.

What has my liver got to do with my nails?

There is a strong connection between the health of your liver & your nails ... nails can act as reflection to the state of this important organ. If your nails are in a bad shape - give your liver a boost, implement a diet low in saturated fat, avoid alcohol & opt for fresh juices that help purify the liver including aloe vera, cucumber, beetroot, carrot & apple. Your liver will be happier & your nails will thank you for it!

Breaking/splitting nails

Externally ... moisturise everyday with our protecting Cuticle Moon Butter, with organic honey, lemon & cocoa butter. Avoid harsh detergents & soaps -wash hands in our totally gentle & soothing Lavender Liquid Hand Soap or one of our Organic Chemical-Free Soap Bars.

Internally ... Splitting, damaged nails may signal an unhealthy liver. Take the herb milk thistle, drink mineral-rich nettle tea & start eating lots of pumpkin seeds everyday! (pumpkin seeds are also great if you suffer with nail psoriasis because they are rich in zinc).

Fungal infections

Externally ... Use Organic Grapefruit Seed Extract on the effected nails twice a day, moisturising with Tea Tree & Lavender Rescue Cream. For more chronic cases, use our Organic Neem Oil as a moisturiser. If you have a fungal infection on your toenails, add a good handful of Himalayan Crystal Salt to a foot bath with half a cup of apple cider vinegar & about 10 drops of Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil & soak your feet for as long as possible. Other good anti-bacterial essential oils for your feet include: Lemon, Manuka & Eucalyptus.

Internally... Supplement your diet with garlic, drink pau d'Arco tea & take a natural antibiotic such as olive leaf extract. Avoid refined sugars, refined carbohydrates, alcohol & fermented foods. Make sure you include friendly bacteria, as fungal infections can signal depleted levels of the good guys!

White spots on nails - white spots on the nails are a classic sign of zinc deficiency. By the time you get the white spots, your zinc levels are pretty low, so eat lots of pumpkin seeds which are rich in zinc & take a zinc supplement daily.

How to Whiten Nails naturally

There are quite a few things that can leave your nails looking yellow ... for a totally natural way of whitening your nails, mix 1 tablespoon of pure lemon juice with a tablespoon of Orange Blossom Water & a few drops of Organic Lemon Essential Oil. Once a day soak a cotton wool pad in the mixture & sweep over your nails. Afterwards, moisturise the nails & cuticles with Cuticle Moon Butter. This is great if your nails have been stained by damaging nail polishes.

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