Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sensitive Skincare In Six Steps

Sensitive skin needs extra TLC to help keep its natural balance. These 6 steps show how you can treat skin with a little sensitivity & make sure it remains nutured by nature.

1) Use 100% natural skincare, to avoid irritating chemical ingredients & preservatives that can have a negative impact on your skin health. Simple, nature-inspired products are the best care for sensitive skin. Natural skincare works in harmony with our skin's natural rhythms & won't upset its delicate balance.

2) If your skin is prone to dryness, try our Organic Coconut Oil as a simple unscented facial & body moisturiser. Organic Coconut Oil is a pure tree oil, naturally extracted without chemicals. It is helpful for dermatitis & helps to strengthen & maintain skin health.

3) To refresh & tone your skin - treat your complexion with a soothing flower water. Our Organic Orange Blossom & Rose Facial Toner are alcohol-free & contain only pure flower distillates to rejuvenate your skin & leave it dewy fresh.

4) For a fuss-free unscented skin cleanser to remove make up, try something simple, such as our cold-pressed Sweet Almond Oil. This will gently cleanse your skin & leave it gently moisturised at the same time.

5) Foaming agents can reak havoc with sensitive skin. Opt for skin-friendly bubbles made with only natural ingredients. Our range of natural liquid & bar soaps offer soothing, skin softening soaps which are suitable for sensitive, allergy-prone skin & gentle enough for baby too.

6) Our baby care products are a great choice for treating sensitive skin. Our soothing bath milk & baby moisturisers will be a welcome oasis of calm for your skin. All our baby products are 100% natural & contain only the purest ingredients, which will help to soothe & protect the most delicate skin.

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